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Bumper for cot

Bumper for cot "Sailor"

Bibs for newborns

Bibs for newborns

Caps for newborns

Caps for newborns "Minke"

Shirt for christening

Shirt for christening

The company "Greta Lux" series "Comfort"

     Production of a series of "Comfort" characterized by rich colors, a wide range, original design and good quality.

Decorative embroidery, bright and colorful appliques, lace of variousshapes and sizes, all products are created using high-quality calicoCoarse calicocloth is one of the main types of fabrics for bed linenin their composition consisting of 100% cotton. Coarse calico underwear withstand many washings, and its costmakes it possible to create accessible products for every customer.