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Set "Provence"

Plaid envelope GreTa Lux

Plaid envelope GreTa Lux "Ajour" fur

Plaid envelope GreTa Lux

Plaid envelope GreTa Lux "Glamour"

The company "Greta Lux" series of "Elite"

   We present our exclusive line of baby bedding and accessories, which differs a special prestige, elegance and charm.

   All products are a series of "Elite" has a sleek design and is made from high qualitysatin. Satin bedding is made from 100% cotton, the air at a touch reminiscent ofsilk, has a nice shiny gloss and consists of thick, durable fabric, practical to use aslittle wrinkled and can withstand many washings.

   Decorative embroidery and lace in various shapes and sizes, handmade items, use of crystals «SWAROVSKI» bed linen is designed for customers with high demands, who appreciate good taste and high quality.